Fun Fact Interview with Sylvie Fox

Welcome to the newest feature of our blog – Fun Fact Friday interviews!

Our first victim, ahem, author interview is Sylvie Fox, bestselling romance author of X, Y, Z.

This is how this interview works. We sent out a bunch of fun questions and the authors must be pick at least 5 to answer. Easy, peasy.

Now, to the questions:

1. If you were an animal, what would you be?

Cat! C’mon, humans are suckers for cats and have been for millennia. (Oh, no, Sylvie, they are not. At least not this sucker. :D)

2. Name the celebrity you would like to be stuck with inside an elevator.

Oprah or Cheryl Strayed or Brene Brown. I think any one of them may have the keys to life and would share them after a long interrogation…um talk…in an elevator with me.

3. If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

I can’t figure out why everyone wouldn’t choose this. I’m dying to know what people are thinking.

4. ‘Love at first sight’ or ‘Friends to lovers’?

It used to be love at first sight…I still remember that boyfriend fondly. (See the naughty question below!) I think friends to lovers has greater longevity, though.

Since Sylvie writes steamy romance, we decided to add a little naughty section to our interview.



1. Have you ever had sex in public? If yes, where?

Public Library and roof of a building. That building may or may not have been the library. What’s better than books and sex? Answer: nothing!

2. List the celebrity you would:

A. Have a one-night stand:

Jason Lewis (‘Smith’ on Sex and the City)

B. Marry:

Simon Baker (‘The Guardian, The Mentalist’) He’s cute and Australian!!!

C. Kill:

Anyone who’s famous for nothing. So we can get back to our regularly scheduled programs!

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