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We are back with one more Author Spotlight blog post. This time we are featuring Ripley Patton, author of the PSS Chronicles.

We asked the questions and here are her answers:

1. If you were an animal, what would you be?

I like to pretend I’d be something fierce like a bear or a hawk, but in reality I know I’d be a housecat. It just fits my lifestyle and personality perfectly. I’m an introvert and only befriend a few select people. I love to sleep, but still have frequent bursts of frantic energy for writing. And I often nap draped over a favorite book or my laptop.

2. Name your favorite movie, TV show, or book.

I love to watch TV and movies. I find it’s the fastest, most efficient way to inject story back into my system after a long session of writing. And because I live and breathe YA, I love shows that epitomize that genre. Recently, I’ve enjoyed binge-watching Merlin and The 100, but I’m also a HUGE Survivor and Game of Thrones fan and watch them religiously.

3. ‘Love at first sight’ or ‘Friends to lovers’?

In my real life, in my writing, and when I read, I prefer the “Friends to lovers” track. However, I think for many real romances there is an instant spark of passionate attraction that validates the “Love at first sight” phenomenon.

4. Which celebrity are you currently crushing on?

Keanu Reeves is and always will be my main celebrity crush. Not only is he gorgeous and talented, he’s also one of the most thoughtful and generous human beings on the planet.

5. Your last meal on Earth would be….

This one is easy: Filet Mignon Steak (medium rare), baked potato (with the works), a big salad with blue cheese dressing, and a root beer float for desert.

6. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

My family doesn’t own a car and I haven’t driven in almost four years. My husband walks and rides his bike three miles to work. When I need to get somewhere, I take public transportation or walk. And our two grown children do the same. We made this a conscious choice for a healthier lifestyle, as well as to say a personal “No” to the fossil fuel industry.

Here are some of her books:

Ghost Hand cover  Ghost Hold cover  Ghost Heart cover


Ripley PattonRipley Patton lives in Portland, Oregon with one cat, two teenagers, and a man who wants to live on a boat. She is an award-winning short story writer and author of The PSS Chronicles, a young adult paranormal thriller series.

Ripley doesn’t smoke, or drink, or cuss as much as her characters. Her only real vices are writing, eating M&Ms, and watching reality television.

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