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We are back with another Author Spotlight feature. This time we interviewed M. Y. Zeman, author of the Chronicles of a Wererabbit.

We asked the questions and she answered:

1.    If you were an animal, what would you be?
When I was a child I memorized the magic spell from Bedknobs and Broomsticks to turn into a rabbit. I said it over and over hoping I would! So the seeds of Chronicles of a Wererabbit go back a long way!
2.    Name the celebrity you would like to be stuck with inside an elevator.
No one because they would see me have a panic attack because I’m so claustrophobic! Or maybe Mr. Spock because he could give me a Vulcan nerve pinch so I would be unconscious until we were rescued.
3.    If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
Talking to animals. Although I do believe they do communicate with us all the time if we pay attention.
4.    You partied too hard in Vegas and ended up in a jail cell in Mexico, who got arrested with you? And who do you call to bail you out?
I would be the nerdy one who stayed home watching D.C. Legends or The Muppetswith my dog and bunnies, —who my much cooler friends would call to have bail them out.
5.    Name your favorite movie, TV show, or book.
Movies: any Disney, Marvel movies especially Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers, scifi including the new Star Trek and Star Wars movies.
TV show: of all time Star Trek. Currently: The Flash, D.C. Legends and Teen Wolf
Book: It by Stephen King and Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut because I found them the most emotionally moving books. Neither are fun fantasy but they had great influence on my writing style. In It King flips back and forth between the characters lives as children and adults.
In Slaughterhouse-Five the main character, Billy Pilgrim is unstuck in time and experiences moments in his life randomly. This method of highlighting key moments in his life before WWII, as a soldier, prisoner of war was a very effective way of making the character come alive. Another aspect of the book I love is that part of his life is spent is spent on an alien planet. His conversations with the aliens allowed Vonnegut to make social commentary about the problems and absurdity of humanity. The aliens do not fear war or death because they experience time differently. The aliens inform Billy that humans actually have seven sexes but five exist in the fourth dimension and we need both straight and gay people for the act of procreation. For a book written in 1969 to not only refer to gay people but say they are essential to the human race was ahead of its time. It reflects my own belief that every person and animal in this world is connected and dependent on each other.
6.    You were on a secret mission and got caught by the enemy. Which fictional character do you call to rescue you?

Superman. Not because of his super powers (although granted they help) but because he’s the kind of hero who would rescue me and go back and save my dog and three bunnies too.7.    Name your favorite song(s). 

 I love all kinds of music. Some of my favorite songs are about strength and self empowerment such as “This is my Fight Song”; “I Will Survive”; “I Hope You Dance”; “Holding Out for a Hero”. Some are about family and the fact that we are not alone —”Wherever You Are”; “Stand By Me” and “One Call Away.”
8.   Who would you cast in a movie version of your books? 
I’m a fan of the TV show Miss Marple and I saw Benedict Cumberbatch (before Sherlock) and Liam Garrigan (before he played King Arthur on Once Upon a Time). As Snow’s dads John and Edgar I pictured them respectively.
I created Josh long before I began watching Teen Wolf. It’s impossible to watch that show and not fall in love with Dylan O’Brien. His character Stiles had many of the same quirks as Josh especially his sense of humor.
9.    Name your favorite Disney princess. 
I would want to be Ariel because she’s a mermaid. But I also love Sophia the First and Elsa and Anna from Frozen. I love that the movie is about sisters.
10.    If you could be any paranormal or mythical creature, what would you be?
 I would be a Wererabbit or werewolf. But they would have to be like the ones in Chronicles where the shift is instantaneous, in my control and a complete transformation to rabbit or wolf. Being a dragon would be cool too. I would be an herbivore or if not I’d be a dragon Batman, who leaves for take out and cleans up the streets at the same time.
Here are some of her books:
Snowball    Snow Bunny

M. Y. Zeman has a Master’s Degree from Stonybrook University and a BA in Mathematics. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a teacher of computers and math. She has worked as a professional web/graphic designer, creating many sites, including Tony Award winning actor Michael Cerveris’ official site.
She has been writing since she was old enough to read and has written short stories, articles and poetry. Her first book, Running into the Black is a courtroom drama.
A lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy, she is happy to be writing the new series Chronicles of a Wererabbit. She currently lives in New York with her dog and three dwarf bunnies and is working on the third book, Snow Island.

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