8 Creative Bookmarks to Collect

8 Creative Bookmarks to collect

If you ask any book lover, they will have only one word to describe those who dog-ear a book page: monster. If you are guilt of this particular sin, check out the following bookmarks and never again cross to the dark side.

Night Lamp Bookmark

Nightlamp bookmark

Done with your book for the night? Just use this clever bookmark and catch some well deserved ZZZ. (Amazon)

Sprout Bookmark

Sprout Bookmark

Pick up right where you left off with these cute sprout bookmarks. Set of 6. (Amazon)

Finger Pointing Bookmark

Finger pointing bookmark

The finger marks the spot. What happens when you have to stop reading mid-page? With this finger pointing bookmark, you will never lose your place again. (Amazon)

Cassette Bookmark

Cassete Bookmark

Hit pause on that reading with this awesome cassette bookmark. (Amazon)

Elegant Stainless Steel Bookmark

Metal Birdcage Bookmark

An intricate stainless steel bookmark that also doubles as a ruler? Gime that now. (Amazon)

Vintage Paper Cutout Bookmarks

Lasercut decorative bookmarks

You will never misplace these gorgeous vintage paper cutout bookmarks. We honestly want to hang them  on our walls. (Amazon)

Wicked Witch Ruby Slippers Bookmark

Wicked Witch Ruby Slippers Bookmark

This is definitely by far one of our favorite bookmarks. Just be careful where you place her, she has a very revengeful sister. (via Etsy)

Cute Magnet Bookmark

Just one more chapter bookmark

We couldn’t leave out the cute magnet bookmarks that are all over Etsy. This is one is from HappyHelloCo. You won’t be able to buy just one. (via Etsy)